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Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips [REVIEW]

Hello readers,
I decided to start this blog writing about a book that I read in the beginning of the year and that is probably one of my favorite books – Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
This book tells the story of Rachel Stone, a mother of a five-year-old boy with a lot of bad luck. I absolutely feel in love with Rachel’s story, and this is a book that I advice to every one. When I finished this book I talked about it so much to my friend, that she had to buy it. It’s a heartbreaking and wonderful story.
I’m going to try and not give too much spoilers – Rachel is a young widow that comes to a town that hates her. They truly Hate her, nobody wants to help her or give her a job. They spit on the floor she passes, literally. 
Well, that is where Gabe Bonner comes. He just wants to be left alone, but when Rachel invades his property (with her son, that is an adorable little guy, not that he thinks about it), he decides do give her a chance (or well, she convinces him to give her a chance).
‘I’m stronger than I look, and I’ll work harder than any man you’ll ever find. Besides, I can also provide psychiatric counseling for that troublesome personality disorder of yours’.
She starts to working in Gabe’s bar and little by little she breaks Gabe’s facade of a ‘man with no heart’. Gabe’s story is heartbreaking (and explains a lot why he’s so cranky and overall an ass) and because this is book #4 of the Chicago Stars series, we can learn a little bit of what happened and how he was, in the previous books. And after saying this, I also have to say to you that you don’t need to read the other books to understand this one. 
I love strong heroines in my books and Rachel is everything and more – she’s feisty, a free spirit and with an attitude that I don’t understand. I can’t imagine someone that suffer as much as Rachel and be like that. She’s so strong and I love how she always (almost always) have the strength to raise her head. She’s is  literally paying for her husband (that’s dead) sins. 
When I ended the book I thought about how the entire town could be so bad to Rachel, and I didn’t understand how they could be like that, but after a couple of days I started to understand them. 
This is a type of book where you can cry but I promise that you will also laugh, a lot. The chemistry between the characters are crazy and I’m absolutely sure you will end this book with a big smile. I didn’t wanted to end it, I read somewhere that sometimes reading a book can be compared to eating the best dessert you ever had and I can agree in this case.

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