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Sworn to the Shadow God by Ruby Dixon [Opinion]

Hello readers,

I just finished reading the Sword to the Shadow God by Ruby Dixon and came running to write everything I thought about it! I’m going to try and not give to many spoilers, I promise.
I read the first book in this series (Bound to the Battle God) in the beginning of the year and it’s one of the books that I most enjoyed reading. I don’t know if it was at the right time because I was in need of a good supernatural/fantasy book or if my expectations were very low because the cover, let me tell you, is not very appealing. 
But I want to talk about the #2 book – Sword to the Shadow God- which I also really liked. Yes, it is a big book, but I love big books, and even more if I like the story and I don’t want it to end. I read this book in three days (I’m on vacation) and let me tell you that it hurt my eyes, because I read it in ebook and there were many pages! Do I regret it? No way.
I was already counting on a book about this god that was introduced at the end of the first book. 
Rhagos is the god of death and of course that leads us to think of Hades, but this story has nothing to do with Hades and Persefone story. In this book, Rhagos falls in love with the heroine, Max, a totally normal human, nerd that doesn’t catch on his lies very quickly, making me (and probably you) angry at some times. I thought she was a little silly, naive, a peace-and-love kind of person, but then I understanded her. 
Max, is a human, who was thrown into a new world, she never met another god/aspect before Rhagos and never realized that Lies always answers with a command or a question. 
I admit that Rhagos also deceived me, although it didn’t take me as long as Max to understand what his Aspect was, I still doubted on the first pages. He’s really good on his Aspect. 
‘Ignore my words and pay attention to what I do’, was the first clue. And poor Rhagos got tired of saying this sentence.
I was a little frustrated when she realized how much he lied to her and even then she forgave him so easily, I was expecting some angry Max, but okay, she was very in love with Rhagos and she’s a loving person, I can understand now why she forgave him.
I love to know that the author was inspired by Kylo Ren from Star Wars for Rhagos, and I can see that when Max says (more than one time) that Rhagos was beautiful, with a too large nose and a too wide mouth (like Adam Driver?).  But Max is not inspired by Rey! What do you think?

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