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Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar [OPINION]

 Hello readers,

Today I’m going o talk about a book that I devoured in three days – Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar. 

I started this book without expectations, the cover was beautiful, a lot of people were talking about it and I admit I was very curious to see why all the buzz. A book never should be judged by its cover, my mother teach me that and it’s absolutely true but in this case the book and the cover are in tune. Fantastic!

‘Meet Moti Ferreira – spectaculary kinked from the day she’s born. 

Saddled with a eccentric mother, she stumbles upon the one man who holds the key to her freedom – the best man at her cousin’s upcoming wedding.

All Moti has to do is overcome her fear of water, board a yacht to the Greek Isles, seduce the dreamy Kinos Manolas, and survive two weeks at sea with her oddball family. 

The only obstacle Moti doesn’t see coming is Alexander Veronica, the onboard chef and star witness to her award mishaps. He transformes onions into chocolate and aroma into nostalgia, Day by day, his alchemy works its magic on Moti. But she’s not the only one falling under his spell. Everyone has a secret, growing round and ripe at Chef Alex’s table. When the masks fall off, they spill out one by one, and everything blows up in their faces.’

Moti is a twenty four year old girl, daughter of Indian parents and lives in Chicado with her over the top mother, Dolly. Her cousin Isabelle and her fiancé were getting married in Greece so the wedding party was going to be on a Geek cruise. 

Now, that’s where the fun enters. Do you know like all the Indian parents have the dream to see their daughters happily married, that’s not the case of Moti, because if she marrieds someone with less than three thumbs, her mother dies in seven days.

Strange, right? It all goes back to the day Moti was born, her mother had a birth chart plotted, and the woman predicted that Moti would meet her two thumbed (on one hand) soul mate by the water, but if she ended up marrying anyone else, her mother would die within a seven day time frame. 

Imagine her surprise when she meets Nikos the man with two thumbs on one hand aka the best man! She saw her opportunity to marry a man that her mother approve and for that she has two weeks to show him that she’s everything he want. The problem? She falls in love with the chef of the boat, Alexander.

I love the heroine, she’s not silly and she’s very determined and strong. She’s very real in her insecurities. There’s something that she say’s that shows exactly what I’m saying ‘I was plenty hot – in an Adele-eque way. I could set fire to the rain. Yes. Yes, I totally could. I sat up straighter, pulling my shoulders back.’

I loved to learn somethings about the Indian culture, like the way they have to address anyone who was middle close to the parents’ age as ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’. 

I also liked the trio of mother-aunt-grandmother circling around Moti and how the three of them helped Moti in the end. They were truly sweet. Dottie was a little annoying in the begging but I understand, she was forced to marry a man (while loving someone else) and then she passed through a divorce while being haunted by the fact that her daughter need to married a determined man or she would die.

oh I love the ending, it’s a truly Hollywood ending – all the secrets and the chasing! This book has so much more to talk about… It deserves a movie and I found the perfect Alexander. 

The way the author wrote about food oh my, I wish I was there! I wanted to try everything Alex prepared. Leylah Attar was capable of making me want to take a plane in a middle of a pandemic and go to Santorini. I just imagined the water while I was reading this book and I was ready to feel the sun on my skin, the wind on my hair and the water on my feet! 

I found myself smiling like crazy and I think this was one of the most funny books I ever read! Don’t miss it!

Oh and it’s Mothi not Motte! Mothi with a soft t, please! ahah 


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