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Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

Hello readers,

My name is Ana and I have a weakness…books with beautiful covers! I try to not pick the book by is cover but it’s difficult when authors launch books with covers like this.

Beautiful Redemption is not a new book (launched in 2015, if I’m not mistaken) and is the second in the Maddox Brothers series. Who can forget the story about Travis and Abby in Beautiful Disaster? I read it 2011 and I still remember the story like yesterday…so good!

For unknown reasons, I didn’t know until last week that the author had another series, all about the other Maddox brothers.

Beautiful Redemption is about Thomas, the oldest of the Maddox brothers. I wanted to give five stars to this book because I liked so much Beautiful Disaster but there was a point in the book, more to the end, where both characters kept pulling the same conversation and because of that, I only give this 3.5 stars.

I’m sorry Jamie but Beautiful Disaster is still my favorite book from you!

But let me tell you what’s the story about:

Liis Lindy moved to San Diego from Chicago, where she left behind her ex fiancé, Jackson. She’s just not in love with him anymore, and right now she wants to avoid everything that can lead to love and relationships. On her first night in a local bar, she meets a gorgeous stranger and ends up in bed with him. He’s Thomas Maddox, her new boss and upstairs neighbor.

She’s really difficult to understand, she starts by saying that’s unavailable but then she goes to bed with a man ten minutes after entering a bar. And acts like a jealous girlfriend. I can understand why she was jealous about Camille but it’s like he has to say to her every five minutes that he no longer loves Camille like he loves her.

Then he falls in love with Liis so quickly! I like insta-loves but this was too quick for me! He started by a ruthless FBI boss to someone that was smiling and happy, don’t understand!

Then there is the whole deal with the Yakuza and that left me so confuse. I liked when a book is not only about romance and has some more story and action. But there were a couple of times that I had no idea what was going on.

I liked Thomas and how he made everything to help his brother, Travis. The relationship between the brothers is beautiful. And I loved to know that after their mother death, Thomas was the one that took care of his brothers (acting like a mother).

Liis is clueless the entire book and can’t see that Thomas was really crazy for her, I was tired after half of the book. C’on girl, how many times he have to say that to you! Although it doesn’t help when he calls her the name of his ex.

That FBI office it’s like Grey’s Anatomy because it’s full of love triangles and misunderstandings. And it’s just me that wants to know more about the story of Sawer and Val!?


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