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Favorite Historical Romances [Part 1]

Hello readers,

What’s better than the happily ever afters guaranteed by historical romances? I honestly don’t know. But what I know is that I can always count with a good historical romance to get me happier.

They may be a little cheeky with hot dukes, a little fantasy, tragedy, attractive Scots (why do they all be always so hot?) and wallflowers but these are the ingredients to make a good historical romance, don’t you think?

Today’s post is all about my favorite historical romance books, the ones I have on my bookshelf and that sometimes I read more than one time! But I also what to know what’s your favorite historical romance? And do you prefer the original cover or the Portuguese cover?

Note: I’m going to show you the original cover and the Portuguese! I have all these books in my bookshelf!

JULIA QUINN Romancing Mister Bridgerton (A Grande Revelação)

My favorite couple by Julia Quinn will always be Anthony & Kate (and the bee) but I always had a special place in my heart for Penelope and Colin. Penelope is someone who always lived according to what her mother wanted, on the other way Colin had adventures and with a natural talent for charm, always lived without worrying about what society thinks of him. If you need more reasons to love this book, let me tell you that we get to know who is the infamous Lady Whistledown! I’m probably going to re-read it because the TV series are confirmed by Netflix on 25th December!

ELOISA JAMES A Kiss at Midnight (O beijo encantado)

I love this book more each time I read it again! It is one of my favorite books of all the time. The story is absolutely marvelous. Kate is forced to go to a ball by her stepmother and pretend to be her beautiful sister, then she falls in love with Gabriel, a prince. But ‘his kingdom’ is poor and because of that, he needs the money that comes with a good marriage – the problem? Kate doesn’t have a penny! This is truly a fairy-tale with godmothers and slipper shoes and I love it! Talking about this book made me want to read it again!

SARAH MACLEAN The Rogue Not Taken (Acordo com o Marques)

This book tells the story of Sophie, the youngest of the Talbot sisters (according to the author, inspired by the Kardashians and all their scandals). The way Sophie met the Marquess of Eversley is so funny! He thinks she’s trying to trick him into marriage. She wouldn’t have him if he were the last man on earth. This book made me laugh, cry and be mad because it ended and I just wanted more! I don’t understand why this book has so many low ratings in Goodreads.

JUDITH MCNAUGHT Something Wonderful (Algo Maravilhoso)

When a book by Judith Mcnaught is released in Portugal, I know I have to read it because she never disappoints me. I remember reading this book in the beach a few years ago and I had to re-read the same scene because the dialogues are truly wonderful and clever. It’s the only book that I marked some texts that I loved. The author is very clever and that’s presented in every dialogue. It’s a long book but you’ll end it wanting more, and good news, because when reading the other books by the author, some characters can make a little appearance!

TERESA MEDEIROS A Kiss to Remember (Um beijo Inesquecivel)

I don’t know why we only have two book by Teresa Medeiros in Portugal! This is one of my favorite books of all the time. The story is so cute. Laura needs a husband or she will lost her house. When she finds a gorgeous man without memory (how lucky she is?), she decides to tell him that they are engaged! What she doesn’t know (and he doesn’t remember) is that he’s know as the “Devil of Devonbrooke” and when she assures that he is the perfect gentleman, he thinks he’s going crazy! Definitely worth the re-reading!

TESSA DARE A Week to be Wicked (Sete dias para se Apaixonar)

This book made me happy from the first page to the last. This is absolutely a masterpiece! (Like almost every Tessa Dare book) I liked the previous book from this serie but when I read this I had to calm down and put it in my favorite shelf. The story of Minerva and Colin is a delight! She’s a paleontologist and she needs to go to Scotland to present her findings to a group of scientists while Colin needs to go away from Spindle Cove. For that they fake an elopement, outrun armed robbers and travel four hundred miles together!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Historical Romances [Part 1]

  1. Gostei imenso do teu post. Não costumo ler romances históricos, apesar de gostar do género.
    Tenho lido tanta coisa boa sobre Julia Quinn que já encomendei o primeiro volume da saga Bridgerton! Estou ansiosa por começar a lê-lo!

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