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Ghosters by Diana Corbitt

Hello readers,

A few weeks ago, Diana Corbitt reach to me and offer a copy of her book Ghosters in exchange of my review. I accepted with great pleasure, and today’s post is about this book. Before I talk more about it, let me tell you that the free copy didn’t change my opinion, my thoughts are always honest.

Ghosters tells the story of Theresa Martinez’s a twelve-year-old girl that need to move with her family to her dead grandmother’s old mansion. That’s when strange things start to happen, like a powdered sugar that she’s searching (to make her grandmother’s recipe) suddenly falls out of a cupboard.

Then she meets Kerry, a ghost-obsessed girl in school that never saw a ghost but believe in them. Along with Joey, Theresa’s brother, they decide to record the ghost that lives in the mansion and sign up for the Ghosters contest, a reality show.

If they win, Theresa’s life is going to be so much easier. You see, after her mom death, the family has money problems, and winning that contest is going to help so much.

I loved how Theresa explains Joey’s behaviors to Kerry. How she thought that’s all right that her father hold Joey and not her because he has Asperger’s. And the fact that the author had the perfect balance of respect while talking about the gravity of this syndrome. He was never pushed sidelines, on the contrary he’s one of the main characters.

The trio of friends compliment each other so well and creates the perfect balance. In one hand we have Kerry, that is not afraid, all she wants is to see a ghost with every fiber, Joey is funny and very smart while Theresa is logical and very brave.

In the end, we get to know why her father behaves the way he does in the book and it’s surprisingly.

The plot is good and it’s important to be aware that this is a book for teens, middle grade, so don’t expect a big romance or young adult romantic stuff. It’s a book that surprised me for the positive, I was honestly expecting something much more simple. That said, it’s a great book to read with your son, nephew (like I did) or even for you, if you are looking for a light mystery, with an easy and fluid story. The ending is very good, and I was not expecting it.


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