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A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer

Hello readers,

Last week I talked about A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer (here) and if you remember, I told that I had the second book on my phone but I wanted to give it some time to absorb what happened in the first book.

So, I took some time…two days 😉 And today I’m going to talk about the book that kept me awake the whole night – A Heart So Fierce and Broken! I love it! So much… I don’t have words to describe how much I like this book! I finish it a few hours ago, so pardon moi if I’m still hyped about it…

Maybe it was the fact I started it with low expectations, or maybe because I though this book would be all about the love triangle that started on the first book – I really thought Grey would be the Jacob to my Edward.

But no! Not at all! Grey it’s after all an Edward and this book about him is very deserved ahah I hate love triangles, and A Heart So Fierce and Broken came to put an end to any possible love triangle between Grey/Harper/Rhen. And why, you ask? By introducing a new character – Lia Mara (love her, btw!)

But let’s rewind a little bit…

We finished the first book with the surprise of Grey being Rhen’s brother, the first born and so the true heir of Emberfall. The second book starts exactly in that point. Harper is adjusting to her new life on Emberfall and Grey is still missing. Rhen (although with Harper by his side) has succumber to the fear of magic, and developed some type of PTSD.

Karis Luran once again threatens to take Emberfall. If you don’t remember, Karis Luran of Syhl Shallow is the blood thirsty Queen whose forces tried to invade Emberfall in the first book. She knew the royal family was gone and the Kingdom is weak, so she wants to marry one of her daughters to the king and ally the forces.

This is where Lia Mara enters, she is the firstborn daughter of Karis Luran. Her mother doesn’t value her like her younger sister, Nola Verin, who is small, beautiful and overall a copy of Karis Luran. Because of that, Nola Verin is the next in the line of throne.

When she sees the flaws in her mother’s violent plan, Lia Mara try to talk to Rhen but he doesn’t believe in anything she says. So she decides to convince Grey to stand against Rhen and be the king he deserves to be. By this time, Grey is already in the castle, locked away, because he’s the only one that knows who is the true heir. They manage to escape after some torture and with Rhen’s army right behind them, they begin the travel to Syhl Shallow. There, Grey has the choice to marry Nolla Verin who is unfazed by killing others and rush into battle. But by this time, Grey developed feelings about Lia Mara because of her kindness and compassion.

During the travel to Syhl Shallow we are introduced to some new characters, like Tycho, who is a teen who ends up as Grey’s sidekick. (And between us, I can see him with Nolla Verin, they are perfect for each other. He has PTSD with the army and Nolla is a badass).

There is also the scraper, a viscous creature that can slide into a person with his claws. And happens to have a debt with Grey (he once save him). He’s the one that is going to help Grey discover his powers. Because yes, Grey has magic, something that Rhen has afraid.

The scraver is described as someone that with a garment seems more human – yet somehow less human at the same time. And the story around this scraver left more questions than answers. And I have so many questions! What has the Queen that he wants? Whats his story? I really need to know more about this scraver in the third book!

Then we have Harper’s brother Jake and his partner Noah, which were brought by Grey in the last book. Now that the curse is broken, Jake and Noah are stuck against their wishes, and they blame Grey for this. So they travel with him in hope that if they help him, he will take them to their world.

I hate the fact that I started to hate a character that I loved in the first book, although in the end, I understand some of the actions.

I really liked this book, much more than the first. I loved the new characters, the plot and Grey as our true hero! To think that I didn’t like his character in the first book and after finishing this book, I want him as a King!

In my opinion this book deserves a solid 4.5 stars. You may find the first chapters a little slow, but don’t give up, the story turns really good. The finish is something that I didn’t expected and I liked it. A lot. I can’t wait to read the third book.

Anyone knows when will the third book be released? I need it 😉


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