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Divine Blood by Beck Michaels [Review]

Hello beauties,

Last mont I bought some ebooks and honestly I don’t know how I didn’t notice Divine Blood in the middle of my list! It was quietly sitting on my account and fortunately last week I noticed it! I was looking for a good young adult fantasy book after reading a historical romance (click here to see it) and this book was exactly what I was looking for.

I never do that but this time I started a book without reading the synopsis and for the first time I’m glad that I did that, because it was a good surprise. So because of that, I will not add the synopsis to this post and maybe you can read it with an open mind, like I did.

The book starts with a good kick, Dynalya Astron parents were killed by a ‘demon’ that attacks her village from time to time. Her father knew that and he wanted to leave with his family but it was too late. Now, she knows that the Shadow demon will soon return for more and everything that she wants is to find a way to fight back. For that, she needs to go on a journey and risk her life.

She meets Cassiel, a Celestial Prince with magic blood and while he doesn’t want anything with her, soon he discovers that he has to be with her because she knows the secret to a place that he was looking for (all his life).

We also have Zev, Dynalya’s cousin, a werewolf/beast that does everything to not succumb to the ‘madness’ while protecting his cousin.

After staring their journey, the trio finds out that there are more people who are searching for that mythical place and the fact that the only person that can read the map is Dynalya is enough to put her in constant danger.

This book was a rollercoaster – sometimes I felt a little overwhelmed with the informations and the fact that we have a world full of magic, celestials, werewolves, elf and other mystical creatures. I noticed that the author wanted to explain everything and added so many characters with different stories that sometimes I was a little confused.

I liked the fact that we didn’t know what would happen next … all the danger at every step was something that I appreciate.

I wanted do scream ‘watch your back, Dynalya!’ or ‘don’t go there alone’ and last ‘don’t open your mouth, girl…’! Well, I didn’t scream but I think I talked out loud… why Dynalya, why can’t you shut your mouth? Sometimes she seemed so mature while on the others she was like a child!

She is naive, I understand, and sometimes I even liked that characteristic about her.

Cassiel… is everything that we want and need in a hero : gorgeous, confidant, strong, courageous (a little confusing sometimes) but as a plus, he brings a beautiful pair of wings!

The relationships were ‘builded’ and I like it that way, it wasn’t instantaneous like in some books. And I ended the book wanting Zev with Lucenna, I think it could happen something between those two! (Is it just me?) I need to know more about Zev, he’s such a strong character and I think he will have much more story in the next book!

Of course I want to know more about Dynalya and Cassiel…and after that ending I need to know what she thinks about their ‘situation’. I feel that there are a lot of things that were left unsaid and hopefully the second book will tie everything.

I could write so much more about this book but I wanted you to read it with an open mind, without big expectations and please have some patience because it’s not a thin book and sometimes you can be a little confused with the different characters but it will be worth!

Do you know when will be launched the next book of this series? I would love to know.


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