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Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw [Review]

Hello beauties,

Winterwood is the exact example of a book that I chose because of the cover! yes, my name is Ana and I choose books by the cover.

I’m ashamed by that.

But I still do it.

I started this book with no expectations and without reading the synopsis (one of the recent things that I like to do…start a book without knowing anything about it) and I ended its reading in two days! Happy, because I liked it. Really liked it.

Nora Walker is a witch. After her grandmother’s death, she lost the feeling of knowing herself, in fact she hasn’t found her nightshade, a magical skill that every Walker has. She questions if she has the strength of the Walker ancestors.

After her grandmother pass away, she’s been living with her mother (but she’s always alone) and her wolf/dog, Fin. She never had true friends and was always known as the witch who walks through the woods and ‘collects’ treasures left in there.

After knowing that two boys went missing from a boy’s camp nearby, she stumbles upon one of the boys, Oliver, in the woods and she’s determined to get to the bottom of what really happened.

How could Oliver survived for two weeks in the deadly woods? And alone!

This story happens the the actual world, but with magic, the trees of the woods are alive and they listen/know everyone who enters there. The woods are known to be a place where people ‘disappear’ and because of that nobody wants to go there.

So it’s normal to be puzzled on how Oliver could survive while she, a Walker, has to be careful on when she goes there and ever time she goes it’s dangerous.

She knows that two boys were lost but only one survived and if she found Oliver, that means that Max (the other boy) is dead.

The author gives some hits that made me believe that Oliver had something to do with Max’s death. And then, enters three other boys (and a girl) and the mystery tuns even more complicated because we know that something happened in that night and that only one of the two boys left the place alive! So what happened to the other?

And there is the twist.

I was easily transported to the magical world that the author created. And I like the fact that, like Nora, I was constantly trying to get to know what really happened and the end was something that I was not expecting. The ending for me was not predictable, on the contrary. And I love this book for that!

There is an insta-love involved but it seems natural and not forced. Both characters were lonely and they connected. The descriptions are on point and I have to applaud the author for that because it’s very easy to be transported to the sceneries.

Sometimes I felt a little frustrated on how Nora couldn’t stand up for the bullies, because after all, she is a witch! But then I realized that she never had friends, lived alone and was in a moment of her life where she was questioning herself.

For me, this book deserves a 4 stars, because the twist in the ending was something that I wasn’t expecting and overall the entire book captivated me.


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