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#throwbackSunday: Fantasyland Series by Kristen Ashley

Hi readers,

Today I decided to talk about a book series that I read a while ago and definitely are in my favorites list. This series has parallel worlds, dragons, elves, witches, princes and everyone talks with animals (right…). You may think that it’s a bit confusing but everything is well explained.

If we close our eyes to the sexism that’s present in almost every book, this series is very good and I really like it! I read every book so fast that every time I finished one, I wanted more and more. This is a common feeling when I like a book/series, I think that I’m not alone in this?!

After what I said in the last post, about my craziness with beautiful covers, you may think that this doesn’t make sense with this series, after all, the covers are nothing special, but oddly I find the simple covers very appealing.

On a side note, I have to say that the main reason why I picked the first book was because of the name…Wildest Dreams. Call me crazy but at the time (a few years ago), I was listening to the music Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift and this book appear in front of me on a website recommendation. I though it was destiny (I blame all the books for all my fantasies) and I bought it without big expectations.

The first book – Wildest Dreams – is about a girl named Finnie that discovers that there’s a parallel universe where every person has a twin, and as someone that looks for adventure, she finds a witch that send her to there. There, she realizes she’s been played by her twin and sees herself married to The Drakkar.

When Frey Drakkar discovers that his his wife is not who he thinks she is, but instead, Finnie, who is a lot like him, without her knowledge he bonds her to that world, for ever.

There’s a lot of political intrigues that includes assassinations plots, poison, magic, elfs, witches and dragons.

I finished it in a couple of days and I still remember that I was with the biggest smile. I thought immediately that I had found a gem and I was very lucky because the second book had been launched a couples of months before.

The book #2 – The Golden Dynasty – was such a good surprise. This book is known because some characters have a few similarities with Game of Thrones, more precisely Drogo and Daenerys.

It tells the story of Circe Quinn, a girl who goes to sleep at home and wakes up in a corral on another world. She’s transported to a land populated by primitive people and sees herself as the bride of Dax Lahn, the King of Such Tunak. They son’t speak the same language, the culture is totally different but together they face all the challenges and start The Golden Dynasty.

I really liked this book, I could write an entire post about it because is simply marvelous. It has some crude scenes that in the beginning I didn’t like but when I finished the book I understand why they were there.

And then we have the book #3 – Fantastical – and my favorite, probably because it is the closest to everything that I want in a fairytale. Theres’s one scene where the heroine bakes a cake (and with some help gets some candles) for the hero and when she’s going to give him the birthday cake she listens him telling his friend that she’s crazy and that he never believed her. It’s heartbreaking and writing it here without the context may seem nothing special but if you read the book it will make sense.

In a very simple way, it tells the story of Cora Goode, who wakes up in a fairytale world where she talks to animals and meets princes. She thinks it’s a dream and without realizing it, she does something that starts a old curse if she gets captured by Minerva (an evil witch).

Luckily for her, there is Nocturno, a prince that doesn’t like Cora (the other Cora) and no matter what she says to try to convince him that she’s not the other Cora, he doesn’t believe.

The book #4 – Broken Dove – was also pretty good. I feel like at this point the author was better and better. She went from a six (in the first book) to a ten! By the fourth book, she could not have so much to tell and sometimes in a series we feel that the author is repeating the story but she surprised me with such a good (and new) story.

This book tells the story of Apollo Ulfr, who lost his wife Ilsa, the love of his life and mother of his two children. And wen he knows that there is a parallel world and that his wife has a twin, he realizes that he can have a second chance.

The problem is that the Ilsa from our world is broken and bitter. She’s married with Pol, who is not a good man. She’s on the run from him and the last thing she wants is to be with the twin of her abussive husband.

I liked the fact that at this point the author joined all the characters and they have to work together to fight the evil witch.

Then last book, #5 – Midnight Sun – was launched in 2016 and is tied with the third book as my favorites.

It tells the story of Nocturno Hawthorne, the twin of the prince from the third book, but he is from our world. he’s an undercover cop who finds himself in a parallel universe. He’s recruited to help save that wold and there he finds Franka Drakkar. She is a character that we though it was a villain in the first book but the author made it in a way that we start to like her and even be sorry for the things that she had to do. And that’s difficult.

She wears a mask and she’s convinced that she carries a midnight soul, which made her create a shield around herself. Her father and mother made it difficult for her to accept care and tenderness but when she meets Noc, they fall in love.

This was one of the series which I marked on the calendar when would the next book be launched. I was always at the online stores waiting for the ebooks to read it as fast as I could.

I didn’t knew the author before this series and when I went searching for more books from her I found a lot of them, but in my opinion this series are the best of her!

This is the order of my preference: Book 3, Book 5 and Book 2 (it’s a tie), Book 4 and Book 1. What about you?

Have a great Sunday!


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