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Let’s talk about: Bridgerton Netflix

Hey readers,

How was your Christmas? Mine was great! This year was a little different because the family didn’t get around as in previous years but honestly the fact that Bridgerton was coming on Netflix on 25th made the fact more bearable!

In Portugal, Netflix launches the series/movies at two different hours: 00h if it is not an original Netflix and 8h01 if it’s an original. This has its advantages and disadvantages! But I was prepared and so on the 25th I set the alarm clock for 8am!

Saying I was excited is not enough and in the first few minutes I thanked all the saints when I decided to see this series in the privacy of my room (and behind closed doors). yes, dear readers if you remember well the book (well the entire series) is a little ‘spicy’ and we can say that the series is very faithful to the book in this aspect…

I finished the last episode a few hours ago, and what big marathon I did!! Am I disappointed? Not at all! On the contrary, I liked all the small changes and I even think that in the end everything developed according to what was written in the book and in the next one!

I loved Lady Danbury (I manage to imagine her hitting the Bridgerton’s foots with her crutch) and the voice of Julie Andrews was the cherry on top of the cake. Perfect and absolutely delightfull!

****I don’t want to give spoilers, so if you have not seen the last episode stop here!!!****

For a moment I feared that Anthony’s destiny was with Sienna, and what would become of me without my favorite pair Anthony & Kate? However, it all made sense, because in the end we realized why Anthony wants a wife he doesn’t fall in love with! The poor guy had an heartbreaking!

Colin and Penelope…so young and with a lot of potential! The scriptwriters did a great job with those two. They showed us how everything started, and I can’t wait to see their development (as the years pass by and they get older/wiser and as a couple).

Now about Daphne and Simon: perfect cast (all all the cast was perfect), the chemistry between the actors was also perfect and very faithful to the book. And yes, they changed the controversial ‘violation’ of Simon. And I applaud the scriptwriters for that, it was way better this way!

That said, and don’t get me wrong, because I enjoyed the tv series very much, if I had to choose I still prefer the book! Maybe because I like the mystery and what our imagination can do when we read the book.

Now, Miss Netflix, you have a hard work for the second season! First because it will be difficult to overcome such a good first season and then because as I said, Anthony and Kate are my favorite and therefore my expectations are very high…

I almost forgot to talk about the scene where we can clearly see who is Lady Whistledown. It’s no secret that Penelope is behind all those words, but that’s only clear for people that read the books, I would love that they kept the secret for those who didn’t read the books!

What are your thought about the tv series? Do you prefer the book or the tv series?


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