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My favorite romance book so far…

I love to review books, and every time that I read a new book, specially when it comes to the contemporary romance genre, I always have a book that serves as a comparison/a reference. So it’s common that I always think to myself ‘is this book better than my favorite?’. Some books are very very close but I still didn’t find one that manage to overcome the book Kiss an Angel from the author Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

True to be told, I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, and some of my favorite romances are from her. But nothing compares to Kiss an Angel.

This book was released in 1996 and in my opinion it’s way ahead of its time, the writing, the story, the characters, everything is perfect and I can’t find anything I don’t like in this book.

I read it about seven years ago, and I although this book did not change my life, I have to say that it did change the way I started to see the books. This was a book that triggered my reading and that made me become ‘addicted’ to read every contemporary novel that appears in front of me.

The main character is an alpha-male but please surpass some of his characteristics because we realize why he is like that and in the end, he really changes his ways. The heroine is everything I am not, courageous and with infinite patience.

The book tells the story of Daisy Devreaux and Alex Markov. Daisy’s father gives her an ultimatum – she can either go to jail or marry someone that he chosen for her, even if she only meets him in the day of the wedding.

She can’t believe because 1) she’s a modern girl and 2) doen’t believe (or want) an arranged marriage. But after her father’s ultimatum, she decides to accept the marriage.

Alex Markov is gorgeous and has no intention of playing the loving bridegroom to a spoiler feather-head wife. After the ceremony (if we can call that a wedding ceremony), Alex drags Daisy from her uptown life to a broken down traveling circus and sets out to tame her to his ways.

“I, Theodosia…” She gulped for air. “…take thee Alexander…” She gulped again. “…to be my awful wedded husband…”” 

Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

I love Daisy, she’s the sweetest heroine I’ve known. She’s vulnerable and insecure, but strong when confronted with situations that she never though to find herself.

Alex is a bastard to her since the beginning of the book and so easy to hate but she gave him a fight that nobody never did. I laughed a lot with the things Daisy said to Alex. But also cried with some situations that she had to endure. And this is common in SEP books, she has the capacity to made me laugh out loud in a minute and the next, I’m crying my eyes out. And I think that I don’t speak only for myself when I say this, but this author way of writing really makes me feel the story, to be so absorbed in the book that I can almost feel what the characters feel.

“I don’t love you anymore”, she whispered. “I don’t love you at all.” His throat closed. “It’s all right, sweetheart. I love you enough for both of us.”  

Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

In the end, Daisy’s sweet nature win over everyone from the circus (even the animals). oh and I liked the fact that every character was necessary to the plot.

In my humble opinion, there are exceptional books but this one is still my #1. It’s magical. No, it’s brilliant and delicious. And I really advice you to not miss this reading. A must read for sure!


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