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The Fallen (Hades Castle #1) by C.N. Crawford [REVIEW]

Hi readers,

Do you know the feeling when you start a book with such high hopes and finish it with a single meh? Well that was what happened to me this past weekend when I finished The Fallen.

This book had everything to become one of my favorites – it has angels, a fantasy romance and the cover?! hello??? It was everything to be mind-blowing but it’s not.

Let me start by saying that until one quarter of the book I was really pumped with the story, but then I start to notice the lack of development. The world building need a lot of development. I don’t understand the story of the fallen angels, who are they? What happened?

The world has elements of modern things (some, I may say futuristic) but then comes a scene that make me think it’s placed in England 1700s! I need something that solidifies the story for me and that not happened. I’ve been noticing this in more books, and one of the examples is the Serpent & Dove [review here].

This book tells the story of Lila. She is running from some men that are collecting the money Lila’s mother is in debt. She manages to make it to safety when she asks for her friend’s help – Zahra. To stay safe, Lila needs to pretend to be Zahra – a courtesan – for a few hours. Between that or lose the safe place (which can led to something being cut by the men), she picks the first option and pretends to be her friend. What neither of them knew, is that she will have to entertain a powerful guest – Count Saklas. A man known for his terror.

Court Saklas, or Samuel, is going to see the woman that was in his dream. She will be important to him although he does’t know how. He has a goal, and he knows this woman is the way to achieve it. After the awkward meeting, he pays for her to go to his castle and be some kind of secretary (but what he really want is for her to be something like his ‘wife’).

He soon discovers that she’s not who she says she is. 1) she’s not a courtesan 2) she doesn’t know how to read, something that Zahra was known for.

And that’s where the story kind of stops, because it doesn’t go more from this. He’s always down to her but he’s always thinking that she’s not trustful.

She believes that he’s the evil angel that is killing woman around the town and start’s doing a double job, pretending that is helping him but also helping her friend that’s working with the men that want to kill all the angels.

The book is not so small and I feel that the entire story happened in one week, maybe less.

I liked Lila, she’s funny even after the life that she grow up. I like her magic (one though we don’t know where it comes from but I believe that’s something that’s connected to Samuel dreaming of her helping him achieving what he wants). I didn’t like some of her decisions, but understand.

I hate love triangles and although we know that she will be with Samuel, I didn’t like the scenes where she goes kissing the other angel (this was a character that didn’t stuck in my mind, so much that I don’t even remember his name). The truth is that I don’t remember the name of any other character, just the three that I talked. And that’s the problem with this book. the characters don’t stick out to me.

The action scenes were well written, with a lot of details that I liked. And that’s what ‘saved’ this book, in my opinion.

I will probably read the other books from this series because I have questions that need answers but I’m not feeling the thrill or loosing sleeping waiting for the next one. I hope I’m wrong and the next one will blow my mind!

Have you read this book? What is your opinion. Let me know in the comments.


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