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#throwbacksunday: Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter

Hey readers,

I have been thinking about which book I would talk about on today’s #throwbacksunday! And then I though to talk about a fantasy book that I read a few years ago and that I really liked – Seduce the Darkness by one of my favorite authors, Gena Showalter.

This book belongs to the Alien Huntress series and as the name suggests it talks about …. aliens! 😉 it is pure fantasy but also contains a lot of romance (and a lot of steamy scenes)

If you ask me, the truth is that I advise you to read the previous books, but I also believe that you will understand the history of this one without reading the previous ones. But believe me when I say that you will be missing one detail or another that may be important. But do not worry because it will not be difficult task to read the previous books, first because they are only three before this one (Seduce the Darkness is the fourth book in the series), but also because they are all very good! The stories are full of imagination and have always kept my interest.

This book tells the story of Devyn and Bride. Devyn is the King of Targons, but he’s currently working with AIR (alien investigation and removal), well ‘working’ is a strong word, he works sometimes because other times is sleeping around. He’s a womanizer…he slept with 80% of the female population. Really. What he wants, he gets. Simple as that.

Bride is a vampire but she doesn’t know what she is. She’s the only vampire living in plain sight but the only way to understand who she is, who her parents were is to find another being like her. In the middle of everything, she’s also looking for her only friend – a little girl she took care of in the past. Her only family.

One day she feels the scent of her friend, and when she goes looking for her, she stumbles upon Devyn. All she wants is answers about her friend but Devyn don’t want to give her anything. To have the answers she desperately wants, bride finds a way to bargain with him – she kidnaps Nolan, an alien that escaped AIR. Nolan has a deadly disease, and anyone who has sex with him or come sin contact with his blood, dies. And the AIR is looking for him.

Without knowing, Bride finds a way to cure Nolan while Devyn tries to give her what she wants, but in a way they find themselves ‘married’.

I love Devyn. I’m in love with him since the previous book – he’s arrogant, funny, sarcastic and a panty melter also known by manwhore! But also fierce, loyal and overall a nice person. I love his friendship with Dallas, best bromance ever!

Bride is a tough cookie, she never had friends or family and she had to steal food to give her childhood friend. But she managed to survive in a world where she didn’t understand anything. All she wants is to know who and what she is, why every time she drinks blood, she throws up (unless is Devyn’s blood). She is vulnerable but fierce and understood Devyn better than anyone! She’s one of the best heroins I ever read! point.

Bride and Devyn were perfect together, he’s the ying to her yang!

I love this book and the fact that it wasn’t instant love, it starter with Devyn seducing her and Bride trying to resist him. There relationship was developed very well, it cam naturally and for that I have to take the hat to Gena because she’s always a genius when it came to relationships.

I have to say that this book has a special place is my heart because of the story, the characters, the never boring reading and the fact that it was HOT! I never was confused with what was happening and the entire structure of the book is so well made that I couldn’t put the book down. In fact I think I already read this book three times! Thank you, Gena! It was really easy to fall in love with this couple and I absolutely advice you to read this series, because you’ll find a book that’s really close to perfection.

I dare you to tell me the name of a series so good as this one. I’m always looking for book recommendations!


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