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The Warlord by Gena Showalter [Review]

Hey readers, 

I’ve been a huge fan of Gena Showalter since her first Lords of the Underworld book (released in 2008, I think). I’ve been reading her books since then and it’s always a pleasure, my favorite series are the Alien Huntress and the Angels of Dark when it comes to fantasy but The Original Heartbreakers, a contemporary series, have a special place in my heart. She blows my mind with every book – well, if we take Alice in Wonderland of the picture, because that didn’t work for me – and when I have the chance to read a Gena’s book, I take it with both hands! 

Figuratively, because I live in Portugal and it’s very difficult to get a paper copy, even more when it comes to a recent book, such The Warlord. So I got it in ebook form – not my favorite way to read a book but it’s something that I’m getting used to.

Excuse my photo because it’s totally photoshopped 😜

The Warlord is the first book in her brand new Rise of the Warlords series, a spin-off and continuation of Lords of the Underworld series. I love the fact that this book was written for both old and new readers, which means that it can easily be read even if you’ve never read any of her other books.  

The book starts with a big bang which immediately drawn me to the story, and it doesn’t stop. We have bang after bang after bang, until the last page!

It tells the story of Taliyah Skyhawk a character that’s not new to us. I was so happy when I knew that this book was about her, I wanted to know more about her story and this book gave us that! We get to know more about her father, grandfather, what she is and can do.

She’s the type of ‘person’ that do anything for her family and people, a warrior full of secrets (that in my opinion elevated the story to something extraordinary).

All Taliyah wanted was to become Harpy General, leader of the deadliest female army in existence. But for that she has a requirement – remain a virgin.

When the leader of the Astra Planet, Alaroc Phaethon threat her people, she have to wed him. 

Alaroc ‘Roc’ Phaethon is a new character that also introduces a new species to Gena’s world – the Astra. He is their leader and a fearless one. I really don’t want to say too much, but he has a ‘curse’. He has to sacrifice virgin brides to his gods so he and his men can ascend. 

But this time everything is different because his new bride is Taliyah, his ‘soulmate’ or what they call gravitas

Taliyah has 30 days to kill (or try to kill) Alaroc and save her people. While they try to get ways to get the other out of the way, they fall for each other. Expected? Absolutely.

The problem is that or he saves her, or he saves his friends and only family. 

When they understand what each one means to the other and Taliyah give up of her virginity, the book transforms and I feel that every three pages, there was always another erotic scene, which turned a little bit repetitive, but I didn’t mind because I feel that there were a story still in first plan. It’s a Gena Showalter book, sexual scenes are not new to us, fans. We know that her books are hot, like 200 degrees hot! 

The Warlord had so many of my favorite tropes, like enemies to lovers, soulmates and marriage of convenience. Taliyah and Roc are complete opposites, but at the same time they are very similar – both had parent problems, both are warriors (badasse’s, I might add) and both fight for their family and friends. In the end, they are the perfect match for each other. Taliyah is sassy and has an active personality which kept the story funny and entertaining. 70% of the book are a banter between Taliyah and Alaroc, they just never stop arguing and I loved it.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book, it kept me entertained and engaged in the plot. If you like possessive alphas, sassy/clever heroines, hot scenes and a lot of fantasy, then this book is definitely for you! I read it really fast and I think you will too!

I will wait for it to be available in my country so I can have a paper copy to add to my bookshelf, until then the ebook will be definitely save in my computer library!


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