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James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation by Colm McElwain

Hello readers,

James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation is the second book in the James Clyde series and I received it from the author in exchange for review*. I knew that this was a continuation of a first book but the author informed me that it could be read as a standalone. In my case, when I picked up, I understand the background story. The way that this is written allow us to read it without reading the first, but for a better experience, I recommend you reading the first beforehand so you won’t have any problem to understand the story.

I have three words to describe this book: adventurous, funny and magical!

The writing is simple in a good way and I enjoyed the book. In my opinion, this is a perfect middle grade fantasy book but I also think that an adult will enjoy! The pace and the plot left me intriguing on what would happen next and that for me is important in a book! I appreciate the fact that a book makes me want to turn to the next page.

I loved the support that each friend as to the other, the funny moments they shared and the fact that they acted as their character’s age, after all, these are children! They are not children pretending to be adults.

Sometimes they really had to think like adults but they did a good job! Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t left alone, they had the support of some adults.

I found Queen Abigail very intriguing. She’s evil but she’s also has a past. I really liked how it was explored, about how she ended being an evil queen.

Of course the main characters – James, Ben and Mary – are my favorites. They are easy to like and they are so different but at the same time equals. We can’t forget some secondary characters, such as Simon as Lila. I like when the authors take the time to create other characters that are important on their own way.

In this book James, Ben and Mary have to find a map that will lead them to the Tomb of Salvation. But Queen Abigail is also searching for the map. If she does it first, she will rule and the world will be forced to the darkness.

It looks simple, right? But it’s not. Since the first to the last page, the three friends had a lot of action in this big adventure full of fantasy and magic!

We had a great build up to the climax and it ended with my favorite type of ending – a happy one! Do I think that it was a little rushed? Maybe, but like I said this is a middle grade fantasy book, so I can’t expect intrigue and plot twists in every page, like some of the young-adult series that I normally read.

Overall, I’m really happy with this book, I read it in two days and I’m ashamed that it took me so much time to pick it up, but in my defense in the last month work has been chaotic and time never multiplies…

*note: my thanks to the author for the copy

Have you read this book? What do you think about it? What’s your favorite: the first or this one?


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