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Heartless by Gena Showalter [Review]

Hello readers,

I feel that lately I’m always saying this, but it’s been a while. How have you been? Today I’m so excited because I bring you a fantasy book from one of my favorite authors – Gena Showalter.

“Heartless” is a new book from the ’Immortals after Dark’, a brand new series. And yes, this is another new series that Gena launched this year – she’s unstoppable! The first was The Warlord, which belongs to the Rise of the Warlords, that quickly became one of my favorite books! If you are curious, you can check my review in here.

Unfortunately, Heartless is yet not available in paper form (in Portugal) but the best thing about the internet is that it allow us to buy at any moment, any book, in an ebook form. Although this is not my favorite way to read a book, it’s something that I’m getting used to because there’s no other way. Well, I can order it in paper form but I have to wait for weeks and let’s not talk about customs…

So grab your popcorns because today’s review is big!

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Heartless, like I said, is the first book in the brand new series – Immortals after Dark. And I always have a special place in my heart for every first book because this is when the author introduce to us to a new world, new characters and that (at least to me) is what will determine my interest for the next books.

Like we are used to when it comes to a Gena Showalter book, it started with a bang. Everything that happened in the prologue defines the actions of Kaysar (the main character ) in the future.

(Spoiler) After his parents have died, teenager Kaysar is responsible for his non- speaking traumatized five year sister Viori. When he comes upon the Frostlines, the royal family of the Winter Court, they capture him and he spends a year of torture at the hands of King Hador and his brother Lark. When he gains powers, he is able tomescape and kill Lark, but he never gets to know what happened to his sister.

Centuries later, we get to know that Kaysar is now King of the Dusklands. His nickname ks The Unhinged One and he’s been torturing the Frostlines. He still don’t know what happened to his sister and his plan is revenge in any way.

He decides to kidnapping Jareth’s (King Hardor’s son) new wife Lulundria, get her to want him and then sending her back pregnant. But when a mortally injured Lulundria escales to the human realm, Kaysar cant’t follow her, but he did manage ti sing a song of compulsion and order her to return to him.

This is when we are introduced to our second main character, Cookie. I love her name, it’s gorgeous – Chantel Melissa Bardot. She has a damaged heart and guess what heart she receives?

A few months after the transplant, her hair starts to turn pink and vines are growing from her finger tips, she thinks she’s crazy! When her hypochondriac/geriatric roommate confronts her about it, she creates a doorway and she is pulled to it.

In the new world Cookie sees magic, strange creatures and lands that she never imagined (well, kind of because she had some experience from all of her videogames). And this was pretty cleaver, Gena was so smart when she created a character that was a professional gamer, that made her accept this new world easily.

I love books where we have a ’human’ discovering a new world of magic, they are probably my favorite kind of fantasy books. I also liked the fact that Kaysar saved Cookie thinking she was Lulundria and found someone different but at the same time, not so different.

I think it was love at the first sign!!

It was pretty refreshing to read a book where the girl accepts her dark side. At some points I thought their love to be toxic, because Cookie was adopting Kaysar darkness and all his blood thrist, but we have to understand what he was subjected when he was young and how it change him. I think that in the end Cookie became more her and not someone that was turning into other person.
I also liked how selfless she was and how she maintained her dignity when he saw that all she did was for him. She couldn’t forgive him so easily, right?
In the end, Kaysar became a big love puppy with a chain and everything ahah He realized that his love for her was bigger than any revenge.

“I give you my heart. In every incarnation”. (what girl doesn’t want to listen to this?)

The ultimate question is: What happened to Violi?

I enjoyed the book, it kept me entertained. The first half of the book was AMAZING and I read it in one day! The second half was good but I found a little repetitive when the characthers just think about sex! Don’t get me wrong, I love sexy scenes and there were always a story in the background but sometimes you are just not in the mood for that all the time. In her defense, Gena Showalter is a master when it comes to sexy scenes.

If you are looking for a fantasy book with possessive alphas, clever/sassy heroines and hot scenes, then Heartless is the book for you!

(the male on the book cover is gorgeous, he reminds me the actor from Netflix Lúcifer)

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