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When Stars Collide by Susan Elizabeth Phillips [Review]

Hello readers,

It’s not the first time that I talk about the author Susan Elizabeth Phillips in this blog. She is one of my favorite contemporary authors, and “Kiss an angel” is still on my top of the best books of all.
In her books, the dialogues are so smart and I often find myself marking a lot of scenes so I can remember them in future. I also like how every character is constructed, all of her books have the capacity of making me laugh in one moment and on the next I’m crying (that’s not an easy task).

Because of that, all of my Susan Phillips’ books are full of post-its and with lot of markers. Even the ones I have in ebook form. Unfortunately, and this is something that I’m always complaining about, I have to wait months/years for a translated book in my country and that’s why I prefer to buy the original in ebook form. Besides, I can have it in my hand the moment I pay it.

Last week I finished reading her latest book – When Stars Collide – and I’m still hyped about it. In three words: I enjoyed it. This book is the #9 of the Chicago Stars series but can be read as a stand-alone (always a plus). 

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I love the Chicago Stars Series, Love Love Love! So much that if you asked me what was my favorite, I would have to stop and think really hard. I like all of them. (After ten minutes) I would probably have to say that the book “It Had to be you” (the first one in the series), has a special place is my heart. Who can forget how much I praised it in here? The beginning, middle and ending, everything is perfect.

When stars Collide is about the story of Thaddeus Walker Bowman Owens, the backup quarterback for the Chicago stars. He’s a sideline coach, a team player and his good looks makes him an occasional male underwear model! But one thing he doesn’t like is Divas.

And this is where Olivia Shore, an international opera superstar, comes in. She’s a diva with a passion for perfection but she also has many secrets. Like a grudge against Thad because of something she believes that happened between him and her friend.

When they have to embark on a nationwide tour to promote a luxury watch brand, the real drama begins. There’s a lot of backstage drama, threatening letters, photographers (that always know where to find them) and dangerous encounters. 

This book shows how superstars have so little privacy and that some fans can be dangerous.

The two characters were so well builded, which is no surprise. I couldn’t expect less from Susan.

In the beginning, I felt a little disconnected from Olivia, she was too much for me – too diva, too top of line ‘I’m the best and you suck’, type of girl – I also didn’t like how she held a grudge for someone that she didn’t knew. She believe everything that she read in the tabloides when she in first hand new how they work. Then I started understating her side and I felt more sympathetic to her story and the way she acted.
Olivia’s career was everything to her while Thad was someone that could never accept being in second place (in career and private life).

Both are superstars and the name of the book was so well chosen. They are perfect for each other, after all everybody know that they the opposites attract!

I enjoyed the book, it’s not a bad book (in my opinion, bad book and Susan Elizabeth Phillips don’t exist in the same world) but it’s not this authors best! (I feel I have to say Sorry). Maybe that’s because my expectations were so high – like Everest high.

Still I must congratulate Susan because I loved all the opera references, I feel that I learned things that I didn’t knew. The fact that she mention some other Chicago stars names in this book makes it more special. And, the ending! I could not guess who was the villain until it was planted in front of my face. I’m such a bad Sherlock! 

Do I advice this book? Absolutely! Even more if you are a fan of the Chicago Stars series. 

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