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The love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood 

Hello readers,

I’m so excited to talk about today’s book! First, because I just finish it and I’m still hyped about it. Second, because I loved it. I really, truly love it. So much that I devoured it in a day (so worth it but my eyeeeeesss, they burn!) and I still have the craziest smile in my face since yesterday…my parents asked me twice ’why the big smile?’
I know, I probably look like a crazy person…nothing new, guys…

The post title and the image are spoilers, so you know what book I’m talking about … The Love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. 

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The Love Hypothesis tells the story of a third year Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith that put herself into a ‘strange stituation’ when she tried to help one of her best friends. You see, Olive doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships but her friend Anh does. And when Anh falls in love with Olive’s ex, the girl code is above everything! 

Olive just want her friends happiness and for that she fakes dating another guy. That way, her friend can be happy with Olive’s ex without breaking any code. So, like any self-respecting biologist who needs a fake boyfriend, Olive kisses the first man she sees.

And who’s that man? None other than Adam Arleen, a young (and hot) professor that all students hate. He’s known as an ass and a tyrant but when he agrees to help Olive, she sees a side of him that nobody knows.

They agree to keep the charade and secretly be in a fake relationship. That way Olivie helps her friend, while Adam gains a more stable image to get fund to finance his own researches. 

When a big science conference goes not as expected, Olive sees her future plans going down and Adam as a good fake boyfriend is there for her. This is when bridges are crossed and Olive realizes that maybe romance can be good.

I love Adam, he’s such a good boy! Even through he’s named professor from hell, he always treats Olive with respect and he’s so sweet to her. He buys her pumpkin coffees which he hates (even the smell) and it’s impossible to not fall for him. Each chapter made him more and more sweet. We can pick something here and there and connect the dots making the prologue the cherry on top of the cake!

Olive is probably one of my favorite book characters. I can understand her so well, because like her, I’m a science girl and I understand how work can sometimes be prior to romance. She’s also practical which I think I am too. I like how sometimes she find herself in the middle of a romcom moment and she realizes that, but then there’s no escape ahahah

They are made for each other, two nerdy adorable characters that are different but at the same time equals. At some point he thinks that she’s in love with her ex, and she thinks he’s in love with other women.

I like the scientific parts and the silly situations that scream romcom. And the sexy scenes, oh my…Somebody brings me a fan and ice!! But this book is also about friendship and trust!

I’m still flashing the biggest smile just by writing this review…

Thank you Nicole for introduce this book to me! It was such a pleasure and I advice it to everyone that are looking for a really good romcom – sexy, has a story and lots of science!

Note – every time I read a book, I like to imagine an actor/actress for each character and I have to say that I was the entire book thinking that the author was inspired by the character Loki (played by the actor Tom Hiddleston) for Adam. The dark-long hair, tall and European… Was I the only one seeing it? Maybe it’s my love for Loki making me seeing him in every character?? Then I read that the author used to write fanfictions about Star Wars and it was like an epiphany…Kyle Ren (Adam Driver), of course! The six pack …. And all made sense….ahahah

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