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Once upon a broken heart by Stephanie Garber 

Hello readers,

I’m always saying the same but it’s been a while. This time I’ve been away not because I stopped reading, on the contrary I’ve been reading like crazy, I just didn’t had the time to come here and write about it.

Yes, I’ve been devouring books! My name is Ana and I eat books. Ahahaha

This time, I bring you a book that I devoured in a day! Yes, it was some kind of a world Guiness to me, because I’m used to read books quickly but this time it was crazy fast.

And No, this is not a small book. I was just into it and I could not stop! 

The book I’m talking about is called the ‘Once upon a broken heart’ by the well-known author Stephanie Garber. Probably well known to you, because this is the first book that I read from this author. 

AnaBookshelves Blog

And yes, again, my name is Ana and I never read the Caraval series. And I don’t even know what it talks a out… I do know that everybody was or still is obsessed with the series and maybe that’s why I never picked them.

Sorry, not sorry.

But if you like the series, I have good news because for what I gathered, this book (or new series) mentions some characters from the Caraval series. 

With no background and without knowing nothing about Caraval, I picked this book only because I liked the synopsis.

And what it talks about?

Evangeline Fox believes in true love and happy endings but when both of her parents passed away she takes consolation in Luc Navarro- the love of her life, or so she believes. Suddenly Luc and Marisol (Evangeline’s sister) become engaged. On the weeding day, a desperate Evangeline strikes a deal with the Prince of Hearts in exchange for his help to stop the weeding. 

Thats when we meet Jacks, aka the Prince of Hearts, a blond, blue eye beautiful guy with a strange taste for apples. Jacks bargains with Evangeline and in exchange of stopping the weeding, he asks for three kisses, to be given at the time and place of his choosing. But never on him, because only his true love can not die when kissed by him. 

(Spoiler) The book ends with one kiss left. And Jacks’ owns it. I’m pretty sure that on the next book she’s going to kiss him and realize that she’s his true love.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’m right! Ahahah

Where were we going? She thinks she’s not his true love… Blah blah he’s a dangerous immortal blah blah blah he has plans for Evangeline. Why? Because there’s a prophecy that talks about a girl with rose hair and guess who has rose hair? There’s also one or two titles in the prophecy that in the moment she doesn’t own, but Jacks has everything planned, and with a little magic here and there he gets her everything that’s needed. Like a weeding.

This book has magic, prophecies, fate lovers (I hope), semi-goods and a lot of mystical beings, like dragons and vampires. Yes, vampires that drink blood and don’t like the sun. It also has witches that we didn’t expect, and witches that we did expect! 

For a moment, I thought it was situated in our current time but after the first page I realized that it was situated in a magical world with kings, kind of a medieval world. But I don’t mind, I like long dresses and gorgeous princes. 

What I do mind is love triangles, squares or hexagons! I don’t know how to call it! 

Of course, the heroine belongs with Jacks. I don’t contest this. But then there’s Apollo, which first I love the name and second looked like a good guy (I can be wrong) and now I don’t know who I’m rooting for! Jacks is a prick but he has his reasons (that we still don’t know half about it). We know that they are destined since the beginning. 
“During her search for the missing door, she’d read that the Prince of Hearts’ church held a different aroma for everyone who visited. It was supposed to smell like a person’s greatest heartbreak.

But as Evangeline entered the cool cathedral, the air did not remind her of Luc—there were no hints of suede or vetiver. The dim mouth of the church was slightly sweet and metallic: apples and blood.”

Excerpt from Once Upon a Broken Heart

It’s easy to connect two plus two and see that Jacks is always eating apples and he does love blood! 

I don’t know how to say this, because I like the book and I am very hyped about the continuation, but I didn’t feel the connect between Jacks and Evangeline. Every time that a new character made an appearance I was afraid that it was a competitor for Jacks. I like books with clear couples. I don’t mind when the heroin/hero (although hero is not something that Jacks can be called) flirts, but I lie when its clear who is the main love. I like things that are well defined. And I did not feel that in this book.

If I close my eyes to this, the book was awesome and very entertaining. The story is very compelling and creative. It was something that I was not expecting. And I liked it. I liked how everything came to a point when I though ‘ahhh that’s why he did that….’. The ending was not my cup of tea because I also don’t like cliffhangers, and this book ends with the biggest of them all. 

Now we just have to wait for the second book, and I think the next one will complete this and tie some wires that were loosed, making it a really good series. 

Have you read this book? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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