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Wed to the Wild God by Ruby Dixon 

Hi readers,

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know how much I was expecting the release of the Aspects and Anchors #3 from Ruby Dixon.

First I was so excited because (and don’t ask me why) I thought this book was going to be launched in November but when I knew it was only in December, you can’t imagine how sad I was. I published so many insta stories about that….I think I lost followers.

Yes, I am that person that when loves a book, can’t wait to read the continuation. I literally can’t wait…

And let me express how much I love the other two books from this series! So much… they have everything that I love – strong females, sexy gods and lots of fantasy! My favorite type of fantasy books have time travel or portals to other worlds. And when it has some kind of traveler between our actual world and another fantasied one, I go crazy! More than I am… maybe because I like to imagine other worlds…

That is why some of my favorite fantasy series are for example, Fantasyland by from Kristen Ashley, Cursebreakers from Brigid Kemmerer and of course, this one!

I still remember when I finished the first book of this series, I talked about it here, and if I’m not mistaken it was one of my first posts. I hated the book cover (luckily, the books have new covers that in my opinion are so much better) but I loved the story. I recommended this book to my all friends, I looked like a crazy, but I wanted to all of them to like it as much as I did. And they loved it.

The second book has a blast! When I thought it could not be as good as the first, Ruby Dixon shoved it to my face! It’s so good that just by writing this, I’m thinking about re-reading it (I think it will be my third time…crazy, I know). 

Ana Bookshelves Blog

Now, let’s get back to the #3 book! It was released on 15th December, and guess who bought it that day? Me, of course. It’s not a difficult answer. 

I would love to have all the three book in paper cover but unfortunately it’s been so difficult to receive books in Portugal from other countries. I don’t know what’s happening, but I will not give up, because these are the kind of books that I know I will read a lot of times, and as much as I don’t mind reading a book in my iPad, nothing compares to the actual paper book in the hands.

The third book is called Wed to the Wild God and this time we have a god that is send to our world and has to find an anchor to help him (this part is just like the other two books). The difference is that on the other two books, both females characters traveled to the other world, while in this the hero/god come to Earth.

Just to give you some context, each book talks about a different god. The gods were exiled to the mortal realm to work through their flaws, but they need a magic bond, an anchor. A conscience, a guide. More, when the gods are send to the mortal realm, each one is separated in four aspects – arrogance, lies, war and hedonism. They only can ascend, when one of them kills the other three, and their only weakness is their anchors. In the end, when only rests one, the anchor needs to die for them to ascend. 

On the first book we had Aron, Lord of the Storms, Butcher God of Battle. On the second, Rhagos, God of death and on the third we have Kassam, God of the living, the wild! I won’t tell you which aspect was the main hero in the other two books, but because it’s explicit in the synopsis of the third, in Wed to the Wild God we are dealing with hedonism.

I like the fact that at one point all the three females lived in the same building. It’s mentioned in this book by Carly’s mother that two other beautiful girls from her building disappeared. So there’s a connection here! I need to know where that building is!  If you remember, Carly was the girl that read Faith cards.

In other words, in this book, our female leader – Carly, a bartended – finds a gorgeous stranger -Kassam – in an alley close to her job. He’s covered in blood and what she does? She gives her hand, become his anchor and takes him home. Smart, right?

Kassam is cursed with hedonism. He’s a god from another world, stuck in Earth. Everyone around him falls under the spell of hedonism. And its impossible to resist, even when Carly is covered with crystals from head to toe. well…the crystals help a little!

Now that they are connected, Carly is the only one that can help Kassam get revenge and ascend. A lot of years before, a goddess wanted him and because he didn’t want her, she imprisoned him. But for that, Carly needs to sacrifice herself – to lost the world she knew and maybe her life! 

Guess what? There’s a lotttt of sexy scenes! A lot of sex! And because we are dealing with hedonism, you can guess that it probably has more sex than the other two books. And let me tell you that the other two books had a lot of sex scenes…

In the beginning of the book, the author warned the readers about some subjects mentioned in the book, like death and rebirth, as do all the Anchor and Aspect books. At a few points in the story, the heroine is assaulted. Not sexually, and not by the hero.
There are mentions of an abusive parental figure and drug use.
Also — the hero is the Aspect of Hedonism, which means he is Up. For. Anything. And while the hero and heroine in this book are utterly faithful the moment they meet, there are references to the pansexual hero’s adventurous past.

It didn’t bothered me. There were some things I didn’t love, like the fact that they had sex in front of other ‘people’, and the last part is a little to much for me. I will not spoiled it for you but it was something that I could pass without. But it’s a book, and is the story and in the end it makes sense. I understand that the author needed to be a little more ‘wild’. 

Did I liked it? Absolutely! It was way better than I was expecting after reading some reviews. Let me tell you, I don’t know why but Amazon reviews are really mean and bad!

Will I read it again? Absolutely. I like the story. It’s sexy, has fantasy, a god that after a while swoons over the female feet. They even got married! Was the love a little rushed? I don’t think so. I think it made sense. I read so many reviews talking that it lacked the connection we saw in the two previous books,  but I felt it, since the moment they met. Yeah, it was a little strange to know that Carly was under his spell (like everybody else) but she had moments of clarity, and she was enjoying everything! Kassam never treat her bad, on the contrary, in the end, he was prepared to sacrifice his powers and life to her. He learned what sacrifice is, and to appreciate the life of mortals! And we have a happy ending, of course!

God of lies

I hated Seth in this book. I like the fact that the author mentioned some names connected to him, like Loki, the god of lies. I do think he has potencial! These Gods are not angels, they all came to the mortal world to do better, even Kassam says at one point, that he was a bad bad boy in the past. So I will give a pass to Seth and hopefully the author will do something with him.
Psssst, in the end Ruby writes something that made me believe that we are going to know more about him. Maybe…. I can’t forget easily what he did in this book. 

Ohh and because I’m talking about the authors note, let me tell you that Ruby’s imaginations has been occupied because she has been thinking about other characters: “Things in Aos are far from dull, and I have more stories in my head if it looks like readers are interested in more. I’d love to do a Yulenna and Spidae book. I’d love to explore how Seth and his anchor Margo handle the world they now find themselves in and how Seth shoves himself into Aos’s pantheon (and how the pantheon shoves back). I would really love to write a story or two about Kassam’s wolf-sons, the conmac. Then there’s Kalos, Rhagos’s dark brother, who isn’t the nicest sort but might turn a bit of a new leaf for the right woman…
The stories there are already writing themselves in my head, but it depends on so many things – my schedule, sales, etc. We’ll see what springs to the forefront!”

Ohh no…Now I’m obsessed with a #4 book! I need it!

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