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Favorite series of all time #1

Hello readers,

Today I bring you not one but two books from the author Teresa Medeiros. This author has great books, and one of my favorite of all time is ‘A Kiss to Remember’. 

If you never heard about Teresa Medeiros, you are missing a good author! All of her books have been national bestsellers, featured on the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. She currently has over 10 million books in print. 

She is also a seven-time Rita finalist, two-time PRISM winner, and two-time recipient of the Waldenbooks Award for bestselling fiction. Did I convince you to stop everything and go reading her book?

The Cabot series is not new to me, I remember reading both books a few years ago…eight years, to be more precise! I loved it so much at the time and I don’t know why, but last week I remember it and I had the strange desire to read it again.

That’s what I did. 

Ana bookshelves

The series consists of two books, and I love both so much! Sometimes we re-read a book that we loved before and discover that it was a love at the time and today the feeling is not the same. This can happen! It can depend on you mood. But also the fact that we change during the years, we gain another way to think, we read a lot of more boos burning that period of time.  Archive new favorites in our mind, find different styles…making it is easy to change our taste. And a favorite a few years ago, can turn into something else. 

But that didn’t happen to me, I loved this series eight years ago, and I dare to say that I love it even more now!

These books have two things that I love – regency romance with fantasy. More precisely vampires, but not vampires that shine and have super strength, not that I’m against it, but these are old school vampires – they don’t have reflex in the mirror, holly water and the sun burn them, they don’t have a soul and they need to kill their creator to turn into a mortal again.

If you asked me what’s my favorite book, I would have to say ‘After Midnight’, but just for half point.  The second is pretty good too. But After Midnight was the first love, the first that I read, and has something that really captivates my imagination and the thought of never wanting to stop finish it. It’s romantic, fantastic and make me smile like a silly girl. 

Top : paper book covers | Down : ebook covers. What’s your favorite?

After Midnight is the first book of the series and it tells the story of the three Cabot Sisters. The story begins with the phrase ‘our sister is going to marry a vampire’, which soon captivated me.

The story follows Caroline, the oldest of 3 sisters, who has taken on the role of parent and guardian to her two younger sisters – Vivienne and Portia – since she was just 16-years-old. Caroline gave up her own season for her sisters, she’s been extremely frugal, and just has sacrificed everything for them. Now she’s twenty-four and knows she’s “on the shelf” but she is so focused on her sister Vivienne’s season that she doesn’t mind.

Portia is the youngest and loves to read fantasy novels, she believes in the supernatural. So after the sisters receive a letter from Vivienne, Portia believes her sister is being courted by a vampire. You see Adrain Kane is a viscount but also known for his late-night parties, mysterious habits and the ton is convinced he is a vampire. 

After an invitation, Caroline (the older sister) and Portia come to see their sister and meet the acclaimed libertine Adrian.

After a clumsy introduction, Caroline immediately feels attracted to Adrien. And soon she begins to see some of Adrien’s habits as strangers and even believes that he may even be a vampire. All she least wants is for her sister to marry a vampire, but after a few situations and hot encounters, Caroline falls in love with Adrien. And Adrien by Caroline.

Caroline discovers that Adrien’s nocturnal habits are due to the fact that he is a vampire hunter and that her brother Julian is the real vampire. After all, Adrien promised to find the vampire who transformed his brother and thus make him receive his soul again. If everyone believes that Adrien is the vampire, Julian is safe.

Their interest in Viviene was because she was very similar to an old love of Adrien and an old friend, Duvalier…And when their lover chose Adrien, Duvalier promised revenge and therefore transformed Julian into a vampire.

The plan would be to use Viviane to get his attention, so Julian could kill him. But Caroline doesn’t want to see her sister in danger, so she decided to change place with her.

“Duvalier could only make her heart stop beating; Adrian possessed the power to shatter it into a thousand pieces, leaving her to walk around for the rest of her days with the broken shards lodged in her breast.”

After Midnight
Teresa Medeiros

This book is phenomenal. I loved seeing Adrian/Caroline’s chemistry, they just sizzle together. This book has just enough humor and fun to it that really adds to the charm. They make a beautiful couple. And I loved the story because it’s different from everything I’ve read. 

The Vampire who loved me is the second book and it happens six years after the ending of the first book. Now it’s time for Portia and Julian story! It passed six years since the last time she saw him, and after a few woman body’s appear in the street without blood, she discovers that Julian is back in London.

After Adrian threatens to go take care of Julian, thought he is the cause of the sudden deaths in London, Portia decides to give him a second chance and warns him that he is in danger.

The truth is that no one truly knows what happened six years ago at the tomb. But Portia knows she saved Julian and gave him something precious during those hours they were together. She never forgot him and has a romantic notion that he would come back to her. But these six years made her grow and think differently, although she still loves Julian, she is no longer the same child who kissed the floor he stepped on.

Among some plans to catch him, Portia discovers that the killer is not Julian, but Valentine, a vampire who wants Julian just for her. The truth is that Julian and Valentine were lovers, and Valentine was the creator of the vampire who transformed Julian.

Portia knows that if Julian had killed Valentine, he would have received his soul back, and the fact that Julian’s chivalry prevented him from killing Valentine does not suit Portia well.

When Portia’s life is threatened, Julian and the whole gang create a plan to catch Valentine and save Portia.

The plan doesn’t go as expected, and Valentine catches Julian’s niece, Eloise. From here something happens that reminded me the movie “Queen of the damned” (2002), do you know this movie? The hero deceives the bad vampire and pretends to kill the heroine. It was a movie-worthy ending! But happy, don’t worry!

In this second book, we have the same characters as in the first book, and I loved it. Despite being focused on the story of Julian and Portia, we were able to get a glimpse of the lives of the other characters. None have been forgotten, since the sisters’ children, as well as the butler …. that never seems to get older! Adrien returns to play an important role and shows how capable he is as the man of the house who loves his younger brother and ‘sisters’.

“I love you as if you were my very own sister and I’d drag the moon down from the sky if I thought it would make you happy. But I can’t allow you to stop me from doing what must be done.”
“I don’t want to stop you,” she replied. An eerie calm had washed over her, leaving her mercifully numb. “I want to help you.”
“How?” he asked warily.
“By offering him something he can’t resist.”
“And just what would that be?”
Portia felt her full lips tilt in their most seductive and dangerous smile. “Me.”

The Vampire Who Loved Me
Teresa Medeiros

Have you ever happened to read a book and after a few years you read it again and like it better? If you have a recommendation for a book of this kind, leave it in the comments. I love recommendations.

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