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A Touch Of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair

Hello readers,

For months I’ve seen this book on Instagram and the gorgeous cover really set my expectations really high! I can say that this is a Instagram made me read it! I am talking about the ’A Touch of Darkness’ by author Scarlett St. Clair.

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The cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous and yesterday I thought “I’m craving some mythology in my life!”. I’m a mythology book fan, I always was! Some of my favorite books are about mythology and Greek gods. And the tale about Hades & Persephone has a special place in my heart. If we close our eyes to the fact that a guy made a girl eat some Pomegranates, imprisoning her in the underworld forever, the truth is that the story is very romantic.

This book promised a retelling of the story but in a modern world. And that really called my attention. I woke up at 5am and instead of looking at my ceiling, I decided to start reading this book! The truth is that I devoured this book,I finished it in six hours (with a little break for my breakfast)! Yes, it was a marathon! Am I happy after reading it? Yes. Honestly, the writing is nothing too special and the world building is confusing. If you are expecting a more traditional retelling, forget it. I had some problems since the first page:

  • Persephone is so clueless. She keeps telling herself “I can’t get close to Hades”, and guess where she went when she receive the password to the place where she saw him? Then she is all “I’m not going back to that club” and she’s there everyday! I don’t even know why she was there! Then she is forced by the contract to produce life in the underworld and she thinks it’s smart to bring some dollar store seeds and that will work? She doesn’t have powers and she’s not worried! The problem is that her mother is going to find out! 
  • Persephone sees Hades’ fingers and she immediately thinks “ohhhh big fingers, he must play piano?” Whattttt?
  • Persephone’s ‘best friend’ aka crazy party girl is only there to encourage her to go party all the time and sleep with the hot god/billionaire.
  • Yes, Hades is a billionaire. Of course, he is. And hot, really hot, I might add. I wasn’t expect less than perfection.
  • There’s a party where the gods mingle with the mortals and they take pictures, like a Met Gala ahahahhah the only thing that separates the gods from the mortals are the ‘horns’ and the money!
  • I liked this Hades, he was really well constructed. We learn that he is not as evil as most people presume. And I think he’s the only person with some sense in the entire book.
  • In the end, Persephone was so mad about the bet and then she saw Hades and suddenly she forgets. Happy ending!

If we close our eyes to these things, the story is very compelling and it has good parts. Do I want to read the continuation? Absolutely and Yes! Although it is silly, I liked it, and I’m curious to see what’s going to happen. Going to book #2 very soon!

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