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‘It Happened One Summer’ by Tessa Bailey 

Hello readers,

Happy 2022! It feels strange to write this number but here we are! I wish this new year provides you everything you deserve (and the double)!

Last Saturday, I finished the book “It happened one Summer” by the author Tessa Bailey! I’m going to be one hundred percent honest, this was a book that ‘Instagram made me read’! I saw so many posts talking great things about this book, plus the cover is cute and I knew I had to have it!

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And I’m so happy about it! It was such a fun reading, in fact I think it will be in the list of my favorite readings of the year. My friends suffer a lot when I like a book, I always try to make them want to read it too! And this time maybe I was a little too much enthusiastic because I couldn’t keep it to myself and ended telling the entire book to one of them! Sorry!

“It happened one Summer” has everything to be the right contemporary romance for you – a strong female leader that in the beginning looks like a blond bimbo and page after page made me re-think about the stereotypes we commonly associate with Famous people. 

We also have a sexy crab boat captain that makes everything to keep his love by his side. Well, the author really gave us everything in a man like Brendan – sexy, nice, strong, romantic and rich! Oh and he has nice calves too ahahahah

I saw myself marking some lines that I loved. The last time I did this was with Gena Showalter The Original Heartbreakers series (one of my favorite series of all time!), a long time ago. I love books that make me want mark lines…

“He made a sound in his throat, leaned in a little closer. “I know they don’t require a picture to keep your account active. This was about making you smile, not me.” His gaze fell to her mouth, taking its time finding her eyes again. “Well worth it.” With that, he set down the drill and pinned his crew with a look. “Back to work.”

It Happened One Summer 01 – It Happened One Summer

Bailey, Tessa

This is not my first book from Tessa Bailey, so I know that she likes to write male characters that are strong and the true definition of a man. They also have their flaws, because nobody’s perfect but imagine a man that do everything to keep a woman, a man that put her needs in front of his, someone that would turn into a shield if a gun was pointed at you. I find it romantic, unrealistic yeah, but a girl can dream…

“He learned something about himself in that moment. If this woman tacked the word “please” onto any request, he would find a way to fulfill it.

Build me a palace, please.

How many floors, baby?”

It Happened One Summer 01 – It Happened One Summer

Bailey, Tessa

‘It happened one summer’ tells the story of Piper, a La party girl that only cares about what she’s going to publish on the Instagram. She’s famous for being famous. After an awful breakup, from a relationship that only lasted 3 weeks, she decides to throw a rooftop party that goes out-of-control. Piper sees herself in jail! With her sisters help, she gets out but her stepfather forced her to learn some responsibilities. How? He send her and her sister Hannah to their late father’s dive bar. 

Piper sees herself in the middle of a city that has nothing to do with her. And what they think would be an apartment is a shabby place with bunk beds! 

The sisters decide to clean the place and make it a real bar to show their stepfather that they are more than two spoiled rich girls! But there’s Brendan, a sexy bearded sea captain, who thinks Piper won’t last a week outside of Beverly Hills. What he didn’t know is that she’s determined to show everybody that she’s more than a pretty face. 

But Westport is a small town and everywhere she turns, she bumps into Brendan. They are polar opposites but you know what they say about it? They attract…

Piper doesn’t want distractions, specially because she’s thinks she will be back to LA in no time, but she ends falling in love with Brendan and along the way gets to see that fame is not everything and that are more important things then to be the next cover of People’s magazine!

I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to ruin the book and the story for you. Don’t expect twists and turns, they are not there and they are not needed.
A light book, perfect to read on a weekend! Maybe light is not the best word to describe it because I almost forgot to say that it has a lot of sexy scenes (I am never going to try jeans again without remembering the scene from this book…), it’s hot and hot and a little more hot! You may blush with some scenes, I know I did. But it’s also fun and a good reading.

Good news is that if you like the second characters, Hannah – Piper’s sister – and Fox – Brandon’s friend, don’t worry because the next book is about them. It’s called Hook, Line and Sinker and will be released on 1/3! I can’t wait, Hannah and Fox are adorable! So mark on you calendar because I think it will be a book that you can’t miss… 

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  1. Great review, I love the quotes that you’ve included too. I don’t read much romance but I do want to try and start picking it up more, especially if I ever make a dent in my tbr 😅 hope you enjoy the sister’s story just as much.

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