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A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore

Hello readers,

I don’t know if it’s only happening to me but lately, I’ve been falling in love with the sequels. Where in the past I always fell in love with the first book, now I started to notice that I have a predilection for the second!

And ‘A League of Extraordinary Women’ is a good example, I really liked the ‘Bringing Down the Duke’ (review in here, if want to read it) and honestly thought the sequel could not be better, and then I read the A Rogue of One’s Own and bammm instantly and completely in love! This series is one of my favorite of 2020 Historical Romance!

The book starts with a young Lucie seeing how dysfunctional is her parents marriage after witnessing an incident in the library. Despite having a big heart, this caused a lot of problems when it comes to trusting men.

Then there’s Tristan Ballentine, son of Lucie’s mother’s best friend. He also has issues with his dad and after a bad fight, Tristan and her mother go to Lucie’s house. That’s where Tristan meets Lucie and falls in love with her.

But he was young and the only way he found to provoke some kind of reaction from Lucie while they grew up was to do bad thing to her, like painting her pigtails with blue paint.

While they grow up there were a lot of bickering and, nowadays Lucie doesn’t like Tristan because he’s an libertine, always flouting his lovers and sexual escapades in the society’s gossip rags. Also, he’s a man and she is jealous of the power a man has in the society (and worst, he doesn’t do anything with it).

Although Tristan never disappeared from her life, he was away some time in the line of battle. He went to the army and served in India, but the death of his older brother means Tristan is now heir to the Rochester earldom, and his father goal is to marry Tristan with a good girl and begetting an heir. The problem? Tristan has no wish to do such thing!

When he comes back (heroically) the only goal is to take his mother to India, and for that he needs money. For that he buys 50% shares of a publishing house. That way he can publish his poems while gain money.

The problem is that the others 50% are Lucie and her team of Oxford suffragists property! And they need to publish things that goes with their Cause and not other things, like poems!

So Tristan makes a proposition to her – she sleeps with him one night and he gives her one percent of his shares to give her a controlling interest in the company.

She accepts…but one night turns into one week!

Tristan is the perfect man for Lucie. They are both rogues in society in different ways. While he doesn’t care what society think about him or his actions, Lucie doesn’t care if her family is shocked by her leading the suffragist movement.

In fact, Lucie ends up disowned because of her vision and beliefs that women should vote and own their own money upon marriage.

I love Tristan/Lucie chemistry and I think this is there perfect hate-to-love romance. The pace is perfect and the back up story fits perfectly with everything. The ending was perfect and I feel like everything made sense.

The author did a fantastic job of showing us how much women had to fight at that time period. And she incorporated the feminist message really well, Lucie’s thoughts were very well articulated and in some points I found myself taking my head and agreeing. I really liked how in the end, there’s some notes from the author that shows where things fit into the real historical timeline.

If you are looking for a good historical romance, then this book is for you! I give it a 4.8 stars!


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