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A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer

I was scared to read A Vow So Bold and Deadly. But excited at the same time. Scared, because I love the previous so much that it would be a difficult task for this to be better. Excited, because I love the previous so much that I wanted to feel the epic love that I felt with A Heart so Fierce and Broken.

I needed a redeem to Rhen, because let’s face it, A Heart so Fierce and Broken was full of twists and turns, and was mainly about Grey. And I liked it. I liked to know Grey and his journey (alone and after finding love). Saying that, Rhen and Harper stole the show in A Vow so Bold and Deadly. Point. I really don’t want to give any spoilers, at least not big ones.

But if you remember, on the previous book, Rhen made Grey suffer because 1)he had PTSD with magic, 2) he was afraid of losing Harper, 3) he succumbed to Lilith. This is all reasons to say that Rhen in the second book was nothing like in the first one – courageous and fierce. But in A Vow So Bold And Deadly, we can see a different Rhen. And I can’t say more. I want to, but I won’t.

In this book we have four POVs – Rhen, Harper, Grey and Lia Mara. If you read my previous post about A Heart so Fierce and Broken, you’ll see that Lia Mara turned out to be one of my favorite characters, I think it was a great idea to introduce her on the second book because sooner or later, the story was going to turn into a love triangle without her (and I hate love triangles).

I love Lia Mara with Grey, I love how Grey stops everything for her and how he supports her to be the Queen she always wanted to be, even when an entire country doesn’t see her as their Queen. In my opinion Grey and Lia Mara development in this book was a little weak, compared to the last book. Grey and Harper development, on the contrary was big and exactly what we deserved.

And I think that was the reason why the author gave Grey/Lia Mara a good ending, a happy ending. Again I won’t say more, I already said too much.

Rhen was a surprise to me, because damn he was really bad on the last book. But like I said, he did everything for love and in the end I think his love for his brother was stronger and what saved him from the curse.

Harper was different. I was expecting the same Harper like the #1 book, and I found her a little different, but it’s normal because a character can develop.

This series always delivered good twists to the plot and the pacing is addictive. And I can say that this book was no exception, I read it in three days and I started on the day that I received it from my friend. (I had to ask this book from a friend because unfortunately it’s not available in my country, why???).

Now, let’s talk about something that bothered me. How can this book be the last of the series????? I can’t accept that. Rhen and Harper deserve another book, and for me to say that is a lot because my love for Rhen was from 100% to 40% to 100%! It was a love roller coaster ahah I was always team Grey. And I need to know what will Grey and Lia Mara do because her country is against magic and they have all those people plotting against them! How will they go back? How it’s going to be Rhen and Harper’s life after what happened? I also need more from Rhen and Grey! Oh and what about Iisak’s son?! Was I the only one that saw a possible story with Zoe?

Brigid, we need to have a meet. I have so many ideas for a sequel….


12 thoughts on “A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer

  1. Nice review! I agree, this shouldn’t be the last book on the series. There are so many aspects of the story that I want to know more about. How the relationships grow and change, how they handle the anti-magic people/rebellion, what happens to Iisak’s son, and some of the other characters. I need more! lol


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