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My favorite ‘Time Travel’ books

I love books with time travel adventures! I don’t know what it is but I love it. I like when the girl travels to the past (I think I never read one where she goes to the future!). Sometimes while reading a book with this tag, I think to myself some things that I think are normal, like ‘what would I do without hot water in a shower or without a toothbrush or even toilet paper?’. More important ‘how would I shave my legs or armpits?”. I shouldn’t but I find myself asking these crazy questions. Which is dumb, because there are books, and everything would be possible in a book! Why would I preoccupy myself with hair masks and a fresh coke??

And then I think of how would be interesting to see how it would be, to see a daily life completely different from mine, customs and even clothing! Unfortunately, we are still a bit away from time travel trips and a long time ago I stopped believing that I would find a door or a mirror and find a big, gorgeous and nice scotsman!

But a girl can dream, right?

That’s what books are for…and why we like them so much, because they present realities that we secretly wish to live. But I can’t deny that not having toilet paper and a tweezer still bothers me…

1. Karen Marie Moning Highlader Series | 2. Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series

If you asked me what’s my favorite ‘time travel’ series, my answer would be the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. These books have everything, girls that travels through time and sexy highlanders! There’s a plot in every book, adventure and the dialogues are very funny and smart! You can read the books separately but my advice it to read every book because I’m pretty sure, you’ll love! My favorite has to be ‘The Immortal Highlander’ (Highlander #6)!

Then there’s Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I think there’s no words to describe the quality of this series. Every book is a masterpiece and if you don’t have patience to read the books (they are big books), you can catch the story seeing the tv series with the same name.

3. Deborah Harkness Shadow of Night | 4. Shay Savage Transcendence | 5. Susana Kearsley Mariana

I already talked about my love for Deborah Harness books, and I loved that she inserted a time-travel adventure in the second book. I love it. And the Tv series are very loyal to the books, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the books. My review about the second season is here.

A few years ago, I read Transcendence by Shay Savage and at the time I found the plot very interesting and the descriptions very captivating. I would not survive if I was the main character.

Mariana by Susana Kearsley is one of those books that we read and they stay for life. A truly masterpiece and very entertaining.

6. Kirstin Gier Rubinrot | 7. Kristen Ashley Fantasyland Series

I found Rubinrot by Kirstin Gier a few years ago through Youtube. yes, the first movie appear in my feed and I loved it. I had to read the books and although I read it a few years ago, I still remember the story like yesterday.

I absolutely love Kristen Ashley Fantasyland series, all the books are amazing,, sexy and funny! And I think they would fit perfectly in a tv series! If you never read these books, stop everything you are doing and go read them! Marvelous! If you are curious, check my review here.

8. P.C. Cast Goddess Summoning Series | 9. Megan Maxwell Esperarei por ti toda a vida

I’m not the biggest fan of P.C.Cast books but I really like two of their books – Goddess of Spring and Warrior Rising – I love mytologie books and both stories are very interesting!

Megan Maxwell is a Spanish author and I found ‘Esperarei por ti toda a vida’ (something like ‘I will wait for you all my live’) last month. My friend lent me this book and I’m in love with the story. It’s so catching, I really advice this book if you find it in your language. I’m thinking about writing a review about it.


15 thoughts on “My favorite ‘Time Travel’ books

    1. I love time travel books too!!! I’m so glad that you found new books! These are my favorites!! Let me know what you think about them🤗 What are your favorite time-travel books? (Hopefully I can find a new book to read) eheh


    2. Ariel: I just recently discovered Ana’s blog. I absoluely share your, and Ana’s love of anything time travel related. As I told Ana, I have compiled lists of all of the time travel related books that I have been able to find, or which I have personally read. Those lists are contained on my own blog. One of the lists includes a brief synopis of the books so that you are better able to determine whether or not the aspect of time travel that is explored in the book might be of interest.

      Here is the link to my blog Home Page. In the left sidebar, just select ALL THINGS TIME TRAVEL and you will see drop-down lists of things I have posted.

      Pearl’s Top 10 TV Shows

      Also, here is a direct link to the alphabetical list of overe 200 time travel books which also contains some plot synopses.

      An Alphabetical List by Title of Over 200 Books Relating to Time Travel (incl. a Plot Synopsis)

      My guess is that you may find some books which are new to you, and which you may enjoy.

      Happy reading … and time travelling. 🙂

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  1. I love time travel books (especially Outlander), although like you, I can’t see myself happy in another time if I didn’t have hot running water, indoor plumbing, and a good toothbrush at the very least. It made me so happy to see Mariana on your list! I love that book so much. Another of her books with a great time-slip element is The Rose Garden. Her books are all so wonderful.

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    1. Hey Lisa! I feel that I would be defenitly a damsel in distress if I ever time travelled! I never read The Rose Garden but I always heard good things about it, I have to read it! A few years ago I read The Winter Sea and it continues to be one of my favorite books from Susanna Kersley!


  2. Hello, Ana. I was very interested to see your list of books. I was not familiar with a number of them, and I will check them out. Perhaps I will even add them to my comprehensive time travel book lists. I have always been a time travel enthusiast. Since beginning to maintain my blog, I have a specific category for Time Travel, including both movies, TV shows and books. I have lists of my all-time favorite time travel movies and TV shows. I also have a list of all of the books that I am aware of that involve time travel in one form or another, along with a brief plot summary. I think I am up to over 250 books listed. I have lists in alpha order by both book title, and by author. Perhaps these lists may give some ideas of other books and movies you may wish to check out as well.

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    1. Hi Pearl, your list is Amazing! I just finish reading your list/post and you have a lot of books that I don’t know but I will definitely add them to my list! I love time travel books! Thank you so much for reading my post, take the time to comment and on top of that you even gave me a great list. I can’t wait to put my hands on some of those books! xx

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      1. Ana: Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I like to try and respond right away. I am so glad that you liked what I put together in my list. I do things like that because of my own interests. But I also hope against hope that someone will read it and benefit from my posts as well. It appears that you have, and that makes me very happy. I just added a new book to that list – The Opposite of Always. I was trying to figure out how I recently heard about that book. Was it a book that you may have recommended on your own blog? If so, thank you so much. I greatly enjoyed that little novel and look forward to reading another book by that same author – Justin A. Reynolds.

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      2. Thank you so much for your recommendation! I hadn’t heard about this book yet, and I don’t know how it passed me by because I just read the synopsis and I think it must be phenomenal! thank you very much, I will add it to my list without a doubt!


  3. Ana: I’m really looking forward to reading my first book by Susanna Kearsley. It certainly sounds like she has a lot in common with Diana Gabaldon. I look forward to seeing more of your recommendations, and I will certainly post my own blog articles if I come across new time travel books as well.

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  4. By the way Anna, when you do find a book included in my time travel book list, I would appreciate a comment regarding your thoughts about the book. You can always leave a comment at the end of one of my time travel book lists on my blog. That way I should be certain to see it.

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