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Death (The Four Horsemen, #4) by Laura Thalassa 

Hey readers,

Last week I finished the last book of the The Four Horsemen series, and I had to take some days to assimilate everything and put all of my thoughts in line. 

I was expecting this book for some time, and from time to time I went to Goodreads or Amazon to see if it was released. What was my surprise when I had the luck to go there exactly on the day of its launch! Of course it didn’t took me more than 5 minutos to buy the ebook.

Unfortunately, I gave up when of paper books, my favorite way to read books. Now I just go and buy the ebook form. It’s been so difficult to buy and receive books in Portugal, I don’t know. Probably because of all the pandemic restrictions, two years ago I remember to receive a book sometimes in less than a week and now it’s almost a month until I have it in my house. 

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But let’s talk about Death, the last book of the Four Horsemen and the reason of this post! Since the beginning, the series took my sleep because I couldn’t rest until I finish each book. Every book presented courageous heroines (also smart), strong/sexy heroes (if we ignore the fact that their only purpose was killing all mankind, because well…we are part of it), sexy scenes and a fantasy world.

In simples words – I’m happy, it was everything that I was expecting for a conclusion. And what a conclusion! If you asked me a week ago, I honestly think my answer would be different, but after a couple of days everything suck in and I have to say that I enjoyed the reading.

I don’t know if you already read this book or not, so I am going to try and not give to many spoilers. But after ending the #3 book, in my mind, I imagined Death as someone ruthless, someone without a heart! He should be number uno when it comes to the horsemen. But the author gave us someone that doesn’t like to kill, he just do it because it’s ‘his job’. He’s also possessive, obsessive with our heroine and very sweet. Yes, Death is sweet. I even go further and say that he’s a softie. 

I love the names – Death is called Thanatos and our heroine is called Lazarus! The story had some twists that I was not expecting, and I do love some twists in my books! 

If you like the other horsemen then I have good news to you, because they all appear in this book. Of course that they had to get together to stop Death, the most ruthless? (and sweet) horsemen. But this book provided us some kind of closure, we get to know some bits of their lives after their book. 

Famine was the scene stealer of this book, sorry Thanatos! Famine is still rude and all that sarcasm works for me! I’m sorry but Pestilence aka Victor and War got to much soft during their times as mortals.

Like all of the other books, it has sex scenes. A lot of them, I might add. But I was expecting that, after all, it’s an adult book. They are ruthless, semi-gods and then bummm there’s always a woman that after lots of sex makes them change. Even the other horsemen agree! Words by them in this book!

I wanted to write a lot more about this book but on the other hand I don’t want to give you spoilers, so I will end this review/post with the synopsis of the book:

“The day Death comes to Lazarus Gaumond’s town and kills everyone in one fell swoop, the last thing he expects to see is a woman left alive and standing. But Lazarus has her own extraordinary gift: she cannot be killed—not by humans, not by the elements, not by Death himself.

She is the one soul Death doesn’t recognize. The one soul he cannot pry free from her flesh. Nor can he ignore the unsettling desire he has for her. Take her. He wants to, desperately. And the longer she tries to stop him from his killing spree, the stronger the desire becomes. 

When Lazarus crosses paths with the three other horsemen, an unthinkable situation leads to a terrible deal: seduce Death, save the world. A hopeless task, made all the worse by the bad blood between her and Thanatos. But Death’s attraction to her is undeniable, and try though she might, Lazarus cannot stay away from that ancient, beautiful being and his dark embrace. 

The end is here. Humankind is set to perish, and not even the horsemen can stop Death from fulfilling his final task. 

Only Lazarus can.”


And this is it, the ending of The Four Horsemen series! If it was for me, I would like more but I understand. I do think this is not going to be the true ending, I think the author will create some kind of spin-off series and we will know more about these characters. Now we just need some patience and wait…

Have you read this book? What do you think? What is your favorite horsemen? Let me know in the comments. You can even just comment the name of your favorite horsemen!

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